The following guidelines will assist you in assembling your Final Report required by DSYF. If a topic does not pertain to your program/project, please explain why.

  • Progress on the objectives and activities outlined in your proposal. Explain any adjustments that have been made to your program/project design or plan.
  • Challenges that you have encountered and how you have addressed them.
  • If the entire grant has not been used, state how you plan to use the remaining funds and estimate when they will be used. Explain any significant departures from the original budget.
  • Do you have plans to share any findings or evaluation from your work? If so, how?
  • Attach a financial report including a detailed revenue stream and expenses.
  • Address the report to:

Please do not hand deliver or special messenger this report; USPS, UPS and FedEx are accepted. It should be postmarked on or before your Final Report due date. If you are unsure of your due date, please contact Erin Sundell at 310.777.5050.  Please do not submit your final report with a new grant request as it may delay the processing of your new request, which should be mailed separately.