Originally established as an independent foundation in 2001, the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund (DSYF) was endowed by Dwight L. Stuart, Sr. (1924-1998) to benefit and serve the needs of children and youth in Los Angeles County. Since 2010, DSYF has been a grantmaking arm of the San Francisco-based Stuart Foundation. The Foundation is a programmatic funder of public and private institutions and organizations whose goal is the improvement of life outcomes for young people in the K-12 education systems in California and Washington State.

Mr. Stuart was raised in the Pacific Northwest and lived for many years in Los Angeles. He was president of the Carnation Company from 1973-1983 and was the grandson of its founder, E.A. Stuart. A life-long supporter of youth mentoring and sports programs, he was also a board member of the Stuart Foundation.

The DSYF Board of Advisors comprises Mr. Stuart’s four sons and his sister.

Our Vision

All children and youth should have the opportunities and resources to reach their potential.

Our mission is to support organizations that provide direct services and experiences to underserved children and youth so they may gain the skills, values, and confidence to achieve their potential.